My artwork questions the ownership of one’s body and focuses on issues of identity, gender, and sexuality. My work is conceptually driven – often engaging abstract ideas of repetition and multiplicity-­where my body and sexuality are utilized as a tool for communication. I make every attempt to talk about the truth and am interested in furthering the collective discourse on these issues creating new forms of communication. Often, I try to challenge the traditional conceptions and choices we routinely make. Are our choices really free? How does our community, our family and culture influence our choices? Do we choose to be prostitutes? Do we choose to be gay? Do we choose to be abused? Who is the victim and who is the perpetrator?

My personal experience with a proposed arranged marriage – which I rejected – led me to research forms of indentured servitude and the ways in which people can be presented and packaged as a commodity to be sold. As a result, I have become increasingly involved in creating a body of work that centers on people’s experiences during these crises. As opposed to attempting to imitate their lives, I deliver their stories in an abstract manner. Although, these stories are told from an abstract perspective, I do not try to hide their tragedies. Some images are graphic, violent, sad, and shocking. My recent representative work includes a series of drawing populated by repeated figures rendered with great detail, yet surrounded by a world that is often empty and lonely.